Solar-Assisted Air Conditioning Models Substantiate WAPA Savings


The results are in…

WAPA bills from TWO MORE INSTALLATIONS are substantiating the claims of energy savings. This past summer, Sedna Aire VI sold two 5-ton central split SOLAR-ASSISTED AIR CONDITIONING systems to two different customers on St. John. One was a private homeowner who was tired of paying over $2,000 per month for electricity. The other installation was at Sam and Jack’s Deli, where indoor afternoon temperatures were as high as 95 degrees.

Those were the hottest months of the hottest year on record, so everybody was concerned about cooling costs, which can easily account for half of an average monthly WAPA bill. As a solar provider, SOLAR JEFF company policy is to FIRST reduce consumption. That’s why we feel this technology is so important. “It’s always a matter of money,” says Jeff. “Savings methods that return the investment in two years are twice as worthwhile as those that pay-back in four years”.

Now, after months of WAPA bills have been studied and the performance of the systems have been monitored, the savings are evident. The homeowner was astounded to see that his charges were reduced by more than the expected 58%. Additionally, he reports, the equipment runs quieter, cycles less frequently and performs better than the system it replaced. Anyone who wants to check the results at Sam and Jack’s Deli (on the second-floor of the Marketplace, Cruz Bay) should stop in and order a delicious lunch or take-out dinner, and sit inside in truly air-conditioned comfort.

Main Street Shops Can Save BIG!!!

Reducing WAPA Bills

Businesses throughout the islands are realizing the energy-saving potentials of SOLAR-ASSISTED AIR CONDITIONING. And, there is no better application site for Sedna Aire VI technology than the shopping zone of Main Street, St. Thomas.Main_Street.180154809 For one thing, these businesses are open almost exclusively during sunny, daylight hours, when thousands of cruise ship passengers descend on the shopping mecca. For another, the doors are open wide, luring passersby in from the sidewalks with gusts of cool air.

“These businesses are being crippled by WAPA,” says one local jewelry store owner. “We’ve already converted to LED lighting, but air conditioning is, by far, our biggest electrical expense.”

Since the hotter it gets, the better it cools, Sedna Aire VI systems that operate only during business hours will run even more efficiently and cheaply than they do elsewhere. Replacement of aging R-22 air conditioning with modern, R-410A-charged, solar-assisted systems have been shown to cut WAPA costs by over 58%. On Main Street, those savings can be even greater!

As a complimentary service, Solar Jeff will evaluate your existing air conditioning system and calculate the WAPA savings (and return on investment) that conversion to Sedna Aire VI solar-assisted equipment will provide. Call today – 941-321-3177.


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Virgin Islands Energy Plan to Reduce Fossil Fuel Reliance by 60% – and Solar-Assisted AC Will Help Reach That Goal

60% Reduction

In June, Gov. John P. deJongh outlined an impressive mandate to the Territory: to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels 60% by 2025. Details of his remarks to an energy conference can be found at the Government House website: . A variety of strategies are to be employed, among them the possible creation of an under-sea cable from Puerto Rico, power-plant conversion to natural gas, large-scale solar power generation, and other alternative energy production methods, including bio-mass and wind.

VI Partners with EDIN and NREL

The plan, a seriously bold initiative by any measure, was conceived by a consortium of energy experts, business leaders and government officials that came together under the guidance of Energy Development in Island Nations (EDIN) and the DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

By far the largest portion, 38%, is to be realized by “energy efficiency”

Energy efficiency means a lot of different things. Described as “low-hanging fruit” by NREL’s Karen Petersen, energy efficiency makes up the largest portion of the plan, at 38%. Upgrading the WAPA generators so that they produce power better is an example. Turning off a light is another. However, there’s a difference between CAPITAL INVESTMENT in infrastructure and CONSERVATION. One costs money, the other doesn’t. Ms. Petersen suggested turning the thermostat up in the Territory’s hotels. While that is sure to save money, there is another cost incurred: COMFORT.

Sedna Aire VI Saves Money and Preserves Comfort

Sedna Aire VI solar-assisted air conditioning systems cost up to 58% less to operate AND work better than conventional AC technology. Imagine cutting the air conditioning portion of the Territory’s energy consumption in half! That kind of energy conservation will help make the Governor’s goal possible!

Another Reason To Upgrade

If cutting the air-conditioning portion of your WAPA bill in half is not enough reason to upgrade to a new, solar-assisted Sedna Aire VI air conditioning system -

read this article from the New York Times.

The smuggling of contraband R-22 refrigerant is a global problem. Modern equipment, like Sedna Aire VI solar-assisted AC units, run on safe R-410A. As the article explains, our environment is being destroyed by the continued use of outdated R-22, but that hasn’t stopped greedy businesses from profiting from the illegal shipping and sale of it.

AC Heat-Recovery Waterheaters

Senda Aire introduces AC

Heat Recovery System

Now you can capture the wasted heat from your air-conditioning system and use it to heat your domestic hot water. Whether you have a solar water-heater, a solar AC unit or conventional equipment, you can benefit from this revolutionary technology.

The ecogen™  HRS can be installed anywhere where hot water is needed.The HRS water tank is linked to the A/C system which comprises a condenser, expansion valve, evaporator and compressor.The whole system can be explained by using two loops.

Sedna Aire VI – solar assisted air conditioning in the Virgin Islands


Greetings. This is the source for information about Sedna Aire VI, the greatest innovation in air conditioning since… well, air conditioning!

Some companies claim to offer “solar” air conditioning, but they utilize photo-voltaic panels to power the compressor. That’s good, I guess. But, what if you could eliminate the compressor all together? During the hot, sunny hours of the day that’s exactly what Sedna Aire VI systems do. And, the savings can exceed 58%. The efficiency rating can be 32 SEER or more.